Sometimes when you’re looking at lots of data in Excel, you need to scroll up just to remember what the data means. If this has happened to you before, this video will show you how to avoid that by locking the header in place so you can always see it. Here’s how.

When you are looking at a lot of data, you can zoom in and zoom out where needed so you get a better picture. Here’s how.

When your Excel document is very long, it can take a while to scroll back to the top. There’s a shortcut that you can use that will get you there in just a click. Here’s how.

Sometimes you need to adjust the size of columns and rows in excel to see the content. Rather than resizing them individually and manually, this video will show you how you can adjust easily. Here’s how.

If you are typing a lot of the same words into Excel, there is a feature called Flash Fill that can help speed this process up. Here’s how.

If you have a hard time remembering how the formulas work in Excel, this trick is for you. This video shows you how to quickly sum up the data without formulas. Here’s how to do it.

If you’re tracking budgets or other financial data on Excel, it can be helpful to have your dollar sign alongside the numbers so people don’t get confused. Here’s how to turn numbers into currency with just a click.