Cyber Solutions gives me the feeling of security

Cyber Solutions has been our IT provider of choice for over ten years. Over this time, they have been a trusted partner for our IT needs. We do not have an IT person on staff so it is imperative that we have a partner that replies to our needs quickly to prevent down time. I feel Cyber Solutions is a part of our staff and our needs are met in a very timely response.

The monitoring serviced offered by Cyber Solutions gives me the feeling of security knowing they have us protected against viruses, cyber-attacks and spam.   I am alerted to any potential problems before they arise. On more than one occasion they have alerted me to problems with our servers as they happen. Quick resolution to these issues prevent us from experiencing any delays in our business.

Jim Anderson Controller
United Surface Preparation

Cyber Solutions has managed to keep our network safe

We are extremely confident that our company’s computers are protected and service is prompt. In addition, if there is an issue, there is complete confidence that it will be resolved. We switched to Cyber Solutions because of poor service response and being bounced from one tech to another. Cyber Solutions has solved those issues for us.

Having the computers monitored and managed by Cyber Solutions relieves me of a burden. I do not worry about backups, the security of the network or individual computers. No service can guarantee 100% security however Cyber Solutions has managed to keep our network safe and provide helpful tips that are passed onto employees to be diligent on how to avoid the bad stuff out there.

Tim Erickson Controller
North Valley, Inc.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dave and the staff at Cyber Solutions.

Certainly there are other choices when it comes to choosing an IT partner, but not with the experience and knowledge of Cyber Solutions. I have nothing but good things to say about Dave and the staff at Cyber Solutions. Whenever I have a general question or concern, I get a response within a couple of hours if not sooner. But if I have any type of issue that requires immediate response, it is handled quickly and efficiently. Our company is a contracting company and we see this issue with our business as well, you can get a job done cheaper by someone else, but you will not get the workmanship, quality, or experience you would if you had gone with the more qualified contractor. I have no regrets or second thoughts about the decision I made to go with Cyber Solutions.

Every day you hear of a new scam, virus, or some type of computer hacking, and I don’t have the time or knowledge to make sure this doesn’t happen to me. Cyber Solutions takes care of this for me which is one less thing I have to worry about.

Rochelle Marty CFO
Range Cornice & Roofing Company

Best Support We Have Ever Had

We  previously used smaller and cheaper IT providers and the quality was just not there. Cyber Solutions is the best support we have ever had. I never worry about virus threats, updates being done on time. They give me the best product recommendations, not based on price but on quality of the product.

Hands down monitoring is the most important part of the service Dave and the team provide. We have had viruses, spam and cyber-attacks and it’s very frustrating to be down for extended periods of time.

It gives our organization extreme peace of mind knowing that Cyber Solutions is watching and monitoring our systems and we have secure back-ups for everything!

We went through a server crash with another vendor without up-to-date copies of back-ups. We spent more time and money trying to repair our system than we would have if we would have just paid to have our system managed. That was a very hard lesson for us to learn.

We are very happy that we switched to Cyber Solutions. You will be to, call them!

Julie O'Gara Controller
Pipefitters Local 455

Cyber Solutions has excellent response time, speed of solution and quality of work

Cyber Solutions is available when you need them and don’t charge us for simple answers to questions. The price is consistent across the board from what I have found and I have checked multiple companies. Cyber Solutions has excellent response time, speed of solution and quality of work. The other thing I would add is the amount of down time a company may have with a less qualified vendor. If you are waiting for a response on a critical piece of software or hardware, you can easily quantify a price of downtime and this must be kept in mind when considering cheaper options.

You cannot put a price on piece of mind that your information is backed up and available if an emergency happens. If a catastrophe does happen, we would be back up and running within minutes rather than days. The monitoring and health of our systems will make it less costly when an issue arises. Those things don’t happen when you are proactively monitoring and planning your IT systems. Updates may not seem critical but sometimes they are and it is those that cause the most problems when they are missed.

Jeff Rensch Controller
RTL Construction, Inc.

Cyber Solutions does a very good job of keeping our security up-to-date

It only takes one instance to appreciate the knowledge and commitment of Cyber Solutions. They are quick to address any issues we submit to them. We went through a software/server upgrade a couple years ago and Cyber Solutions worked with our vendor to make it a smooth transition. They have been upfront with us regarding any hardware/software issues, recommending cheaper alternatives if they feel that’s the best way to go.

We don’t have to worry about backups, switching tapes, etc since they take care of all that for us. One server crash at my previous employment was all it took for me to never skimp on backups again. I don’t believe you can ever be too careful about network security! I have heard too many horror stories from contacts, tv, friends, etc. Viruses, hacking, spam, etc are all very real threats today, it doesn’t matter how small the network or number of users are, I’m a big believer in protection. Cyber Solutions does a very good job of keeping our security up-to-date and keeping us informed when a new threat is identified. You can probably get cheaper options, but in my opinion they are really worth the little extra.

Laura Strand Controller
Redstone Construction, Inc.

We have been very happy with our move to Cyber Solutions.

Our previous IT supplier was somewhat cheaper and for a long time did a very good job for us. He was budget minded to a fault and even when I asked for more, he hesitated providing more thinking that we could “get by” with less. Internally I am the IT guy until it gets above my head and then I call in Cyber Solutions for help and coordinate with their support. The problem with the cheap was that we were falling behind the inevitable curve and I was fielding more and more calls. Our backup solution was not good and we were at risk of losing months of work if anything actually happened. In short, we had outgrown the cheap guy.

Before our move to Cyber Solutions, monitoring and managing was done on an “if its broke, fix it” basis. The problem was that updates hadn’t been done in 8 months. This was a significant risk since the majority of updates these days are in regards to security. Prior to Cyber Solutions, we couldn’t reboot our server without having someone on site to babysit the server hoping it would reboot. We had outgrown the cheap and have been very happy with our move to Cyber Solutions.

Eric Matthews Sheehy Construction Company

With Cyber Solutions we get the same protection as ‘the big boys’

We made a decision that it made sense for SPEDCO to pay a little more and not go to bed at night with my fingers crossed, hoping that nothing bad would happen to our confidential records. I am convinced that there is a distinction to be made between Cost and Value. Yes, experience costs more - but there is more value in someone who’s been around and protecting companies for years as opposed to someone who decided to ‘hang up their shingle’. I like how the principals at Cyber Solutions have been there for years, and haven’t changed. This saves me the time of trying to train in a new person to understand our business. The revolving door is expensive, and I can’t afford to have lapses in my security as new trainees are brought in to learn the security business. Cyber security is a growing industry as business owners become more and more aware of the risks; this is why new IT firms are springing up. How willing would I be to turn over my business to someone who may be new and bright, but not very experienced? Not very. I can honestly say that we are extremely happy with our agreement with Cyber Solutions.

Staying in front of the Bad Guys is a full time job. To institute some firewall or virus protection and think you’re covered is a huge mistake. The Bad Guys go after the easy pickings. Right now they go after the Targets the Best Buys and the Home Depots, but as those companies do a better job protecting themselves, the more vulnerable companies - like ours – will be targeted. The on-going education that Cyber Solutions provides helps keep us on our toes. Cyber has our employees trained to ask first before downloading anything. We didn’t think we could afford our own IT department, but we decided we could not be without the protection. With Cyber Solutions we get the same protection as ‘the big boys’ out in the market place, but at a fraction of the cost. We receive very personalized service: any one on our staff can reach out to Cyber Solutions and get an issue resolved. I can contact the folks at Cyber Solutions 7 days per week, and they’ll respond right away. Cyber Solutions is definitely part of our ‘team’.

Kristin Wood Executive Director

With Cyber Solutions, our issues went from about 20 a week to 5 a month

It terms of cost, cheaper is NOT better. At one point, we switched to a lower cost option. What we found was that the new IT people were unresponsive. We never had the same personnel to assist us with issues. The call center was usually a voicemail that took days to get a response. There was constant turnover and not one person was consistent with the service they provided. They were supposed to be backing up our system and when I challenged them on this, we found our system was not being back up at all. NIGHTMARE!

Cyber Solutions maintains our system and it is incredible how much behind-the-scenes they are doing and it truly makes a difference. They are a team you can rely upon at all times. This has been proven to us a few to many times when we tried the cheaper route. Since we switched back to Cyber Solutions our issues went from about 20 a week to maybe 5 a month.

Based on our experience of thinking we would save money and have better customer service, something major would have to happen for that change to ever occur again.

Nancy Trautman President
CSI Testing