May 2022

Three clever tricks to get more out of Teams

Every business we support that relies on Teams agrees it’s an incredible tool for communication and collaboration.

We’re full of clever tricks you can do with Teams. Here are three you might not have seen before.

April 2022

Try Microsoft Lists and boost your productivity

Staying organized is one of the most important ways you can be more efficient and productive with your projects

While there are multiple options for tools out there that can help try to manage your tasks, they may be more time consuming as they require you to open more than one app to get the job done.

With Microsoft Lists you can manage all these tasks and appointments in one place.  It’s a tool that saves you time by giving you the ability to see at a glance what you have left to do.  It’s shareable with others and you can even use it with Teams.

We can help you get your staff set up with Lists and how to integrate Teams with other Microsoft 365 applications.

Just get in touch.

March 2022

Protect yourself and your staff from unexpected webcam spies

Over the past couple years with the increase in virtual meetings the need for a good quality webcam is essential.

But did you know that it’s possible you could be hacked and spied on while using one?

Our new video shows you free and easy ways to protect yourself and your staff.

February 2022

When something’s wrong, you want a responsive IT helpdesk

With our clients we work on all aspects of their technology, especially making sure they have a suitable technology strategy.

We’re also there for them when things go wrong. And that’s about having a highly responsive helpdesk.

When you’re looking for a new IT support provider, there are two tests you must apply to their helpdesk.

Our new video tells you what they are.

January 2022

Would any of your staff actually click that link?

There’s a cyber-crime called phishing.

It’s a major pain.

Criminals send emails pretending to be someone they’re not, hoping one of your people will click a link and accidentally give them access to your data.

Do you think your team would spot a phishing email?

Here’s an easy way to check.