September 2023

Are you paying for productivity apps you’re not using?

You're familiar with Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint; but you may not be aware of the many great features that are included for a subscription to Microsoft 365.

And for the entire team, it could give them a big boost in productivity.

We're going to show you some of them that might be useful for your business in our next video.

August 2023

The Metaverse explained
How it could affect your business

The concept of the Metaverse is increasingly gaining attention, with discussions on its potential applications in the years ahead. However, it prompts the question of whether it is worth contemplating its integration at this stage. Understanding the advantages it can offer your business is crucial, as well as determining the necessary adaptations to stay relevant.

Check out our newest video, where we elaborate on the Metaverse, its implications, and its potential impact on you.

July 2023

Human error
Your employees could be one of your biggest cyber security risks

It is important to create a training strategy for your company as your biggest weakness could be your people.

Find out how you can create a training strategy for an entire business in our latest video.

June 2023

Be Prepared, Back up your data
One day it could save your business
You never think it will happen to you until it does.

Prepare ahead of time by protecting your business by putting a reliable back-up system in place.

Start by watching our latest video for some expert advice.

May 2023

“Wouldn’t it be great if…”
How to plan a big IT project

If you have business systems that feel like they need bringing into the 2020s, you might be thinking about a major IT project.

And that can mean a big commitment – of time, money, effort and headspace.

Watch our latest video for the three things to get straight in your mind before you involve the experts.

April 2023

Why your business should adopt MFA. Now

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds extra layers of security to your business.

It makes it much harder for cyber criminals to break into your system because it requires at least two pieces of information to log in to your device or app.  You could even use an extra method on top of that requiring a single use code sent to your phone.

Here’s why we recommend that all businesses should adopt MFA right now.

March 2023

The 3 most important areas to discuss with your technology partner (jargon-free)

IT support is a technical job, and some of the language used can be a bit, well… technical.

So here’s our jargon-free look at the 3 most important areas to discuss with your technology partner.

February 2023

3 ways to protect your business email

Most cyber attacks start with an email.

So let’s show you three things you can do right now to make it harder for criminals to launch an email attack on your business.

January 2023

3 ways to secure your cloud data

Businesses have benefited from cloud services that provide tools and features that make things much more convenient and efficient.

How have you ensured your information is secure?

Watch our new video to find out about 3 things you can consider for making sure your data is secure.